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2015 Half-Year teams are posted in the ALL-STARS tab.

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2015 Half Year Teams

Last Name

First Name TEAM
Aufiero Ariana Mini White
Rose Emma Mini White
Kruse Payton Mini White
Esposito Kylie Youth Purple
Gilberti Alexis Mini White
Harkin Ava Mini White
Loughman Eva Youth Purple
McGeown Emily Youth Purple
Fromel Kelly Mini White
Herrera Ariana Mini White
Morse Savanna Mini White
Oronges Adrianna Youth Purple
LoFaso Kimberly Youth Purple
Cornish Natalia Mini White
Glenn Sydney Youth Purple
Glenn Abby Youth Purple
Giacometti Giuliana Youth Purple
Haering Jessica Mini White
Oronges Daniella Mini White
Sansone Sienna Youth Purple
Reif Abigail Youth Purple
Bartolomeo Jillian Youth Purple
Badini Olivia Mini White
Brumeister Emma Mini White
Goldberg Bayla Mini White
Felicetti Gianna Mini White
Viera Milayla Mini White
Davis Kaitlyn Youth Purple
Ortiz Haeleigh Youth Purple
Stephens Carly Youth Purple
DiLeonardo Camryn Youth Purple
Fisher Brianna Junior Silver
McNally Amelia Youth Purple
Wright Kaitlyn Youth Purple
Iadevaio Gabriella Youth Purple
Koukaumelis Alexis Youth Purple
Cangero Arianna Youth Purple
Iadevaia Gianna Youth Purple
LoRusso Sabrina Youth Purple
Jimenez Annabella Youth Purple
Alfaro Michelle Junior Silver
DelPrete Bella Junior Silver
Portello Lea Youth Purple
Wright Anna Youth Purple
Kass Ryann Junior Silver
Nuccio Alexandra Youth Purple
Fuentes Jessica Junior Silver
Cannata Victoria Junior Silver
Vitale Sabrina Youth Purple
Guecia Ava Youth Purple
Linken Casey Junior Silver
Barbaro Alyssa Junior Silver
DeGroff Brynn Junior Silver
Miller Alyssa Junior Silver
Capasso Annalise Youth Purple
McKeon Shelby Junior Silver
Bresnahan Kayla Junior Black
Tominson Jules Junior Black
Aronowitz Jamie Junior Black
Cella Sami Junior Silver
Sullo Meghan Junior Black
Santeramo Bella Junior Black
Aronowitz Jordyn Junior Silver
Sanchez Gianna Junior Black
Pizzitola Rachel Junior Silver
Harrop Kaitlyn Junior Silver
Levy Katie Junior Black
Gonzalez Lyndsay Junior Silver
Martone Olivia Junior Silver
LeBlanc Rachel Junior Black
Cardona Kayla Junior Black
DelToro Madison Junior Silver
Mendez Anais Junior Black
Torres Stephanie Junior Black
Caporaso Alexandria Junior Black
Burbige Sarah Junior Black
Martino Amanda Junior Silver
DiCanio Julia Junior Black
LoFaso Ashely Junior Black
Kim Abigail Junior Black
Bukowski Chloe Junior Black
Fitzgerald Katie Junior Black
DiCiero Ava Junior Silver
Duffy Hannah Junior Black
Koutsakos Sophia Junior Silver
Delgado Delia Junior Black
O'Connor Brianna Junior Black
Zimmerman Zoe Junior Black
Scivoletti Tara Junior Black
Borne Ema Junior Black
Wagner Kayla Junior Black
Petzold Danielle Junior Black
Balik Amanda Junior Black

Practice beging the week of December 8th

Mini White    Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm Thursday 5:45-6:45pm

Youth Purple Monday 7:30-8:30pm Wednesday 6:45-7:45pm

Junior Black   Monday 6:15-7:45pm Friday 6:30-8pm

Junior Silver Wednesday 7:30-9pm Friday 6:30-8pm

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