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2015 Half Year Teams

Here are the some of the great reasons to join!

1. You want to try all-star cheerleading without a huge expense or commitment.

2. You are already a cheerleader and want to continue with your passion.

3. You are a youth or high school cheerleader and want to cheer in your off season.

4. You want to have a lot of fun being taught by the best in the cheer business!


Our Half-Year Team is an all star cheerleading team with a lower level of commitment and financial obligation than our full year team.  This program is specifically designed for cheerleaders who cheer for other teams (i.e. town, recreational teams, and school teams) during the fall and early winter and are looking to continue cheering competitively for the remainder of the year

The half-year season kicks off the first week in December and runs through April.  Teams meet 1-2x per week for 1-1.5 hours of training that includes motions, dance, jumps, pyramids, tumbling, and stunts. Half-year teams compete in specific "All Star Prep" divisions against half-year teams from other gyms and our athletes receive the same great training that our full-year teams enjoy.

2015/2016 Half Year Teams

Congratuations to everyone who registered for TINY DIVAS! We will see you all on MONDAY!

Practice for all teams start this week 12/7.

Abby Glenn Youth Purple L2
Alvarez Priscila Junior Silver L2
Ashdown Victoria Youth Purple L2
Assenmacher Olivia Junior Black L3
Atreca Gianna Youth Purple L2
Barnaby Ella Junior Silver L2
Barone Frankie Junior Black L3
Bartolomeo Jillian Junior Black L3
Belling Olivia Youth Purple L2
Berretta Cristina Junior Silver L2
Boch KellyAnn Youth White L1
Bryne Olivia Junior Black L3
Burmeister Emma Youth Purple L2
Canestro Gina Youth White L1
Cangero Arianna Youth Purple L2
Cannata Victoria Junior Black L3
Cardineau Hailey Youth White L1
Ciullo Brianna Junior Silver L2
Coelho Makayla Junior Silver L2
Colon Olivia Junior Black L3
DeGroff Brynn Junior Black L3
DiLeondardo Camryn Junior Black L3
Eaderoso Gabriella Youth Purple L2
Eaderoso Gianna Youth Purple L2
Elias Madison Junior Silver L2
Esposito Kylie Youth Purple L2
Felicetti Gianna Youth Purple L2
Fischer Brianna Junior Black L3
Fitzgerald Katie Junior Black L3
Fleming Madeline Junior Silver L2
Fontana Camryn Youth White L1
Garnar Ashley Junior Silver L2
Giacometti Guiliana Youth Purple L2
Grange Coutney Youth White L1
Guecia Ava Junior Black L3
Haering Jessica Youth Purple L2
Harkin Ava Junior Black L3
Harrop Kaitlyn Junior Silver L2
Hauck Kelly Youth Purple L2
Iadevaio Gabrielle Youth Purple L2
Jimenez Anabella Youth Purple L2
Kass Ryan Junior Black L3
Ketcham Kayla Youth Purple L2
Kourkoumelis Alexis Youth Purple L2
Krill Alexa Youth White L1
Kuffo Gabriella Youth Purple L2
Ladisa Elisabetta Youth Purple L2
LoFaso Kimberly Youth Purple L2
LoFaso Ashley Junior Silver L2
Loughman Eva Junior Black L3
Mando Jenna Youth Purple L2
McGeown Emily Junior Black L3
McNally Amelia Youth Purple L2
Mills Nicolette Junior Black L3
Minogue Brooke Youth White L1
Napoli Shaina Junior Silver L2
Nuccio Alexandra Junior Black L3
Paglino Victoria Junior Silver L2
Pannella Kayla Youth Purple L2
Pannella Julianna Youth Purple L2
Paradise Juliet Junior Silver L2
Pasquale Gianna Youth Purple L2
Paterson Melissa Junior Silver L2
Pelliccone Victoria Youth White L1
Pesce Leah Youth White L1
Reif Abigail Youth Purple L2
Robinson Emma Junior Black L3
Rothman Bailey Junior Silver L2
Sansone Sienna Junior Black L3
Scali Mia Youth Purple L2
Schaefer Mattison Junior Black L3
Sevon Samantha Youth White L1
Sousa Kaitlyn Youth White L1
Stephens Carly Junior Black L3
Stimac Mia Youth Purple L2
Sullo Meghan Junior Silver L2
Swerdloff Samantha Youth Purple L2
Glenn Sydney Youth Purple L2
Tomlinson Jules Junior Black L3
Tsakos Sophia Junior Black L3
Viera Mikayla Youth Purple L2
Vitale Sabrina Junior Silver L2
Wright Kaitlyn Junior Silver L2
Wright Anna Junior Silver L2
Yula Erin Youth White L1

Congratulations to all of our new athletes!


Monday 5:30-6:45pm


Monday 6:15pm - 7:30pm

Wenesday 5:45pm-6:45pm


Wednesday 6:30pm-7:45pm

Friday 6-7:15pm


Monday 8-9:30pm

Thursday 7:30-9pm


Tuesday 6-7:30pm

Thursday 6-7:30pm